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My Top 4 Herbs To Stop Allergy Itching

Here is Australia we have just gone into spring which is great news for me but not so good for the many dogs that suffer from atopic dermatitis or skin allergies. Atopic allergies or environmental allergies are by far and away the most common form of allergies in our pets and these can leave our dogs pretty miserable with inflamed, itchy and red skin, hotspots and other symptoms. While treating allergies can be complex, today I wanted to give my top 3 herbs to help relieve those allergy symptoms of itching and scratching so stay tuned to learn more.

Has your dog been diagnosed with atopy or atopic dermatitis? Let’s take a quick look at what this is. When we think of allergies in us as humans it is common to think of hayfever and other upper respiratory symptoms. But in our dogs, an allergy reaction commonly affects their skin along with their gut. The reason for this is that our dogs have many more mast cells in their skin than in their nasal passages. Mast cells release a chemical called histamine in the face of any allergic response. Histamines are designed to start the process that hustles those allergens out of your dogs body or off their skin. and they can make your dog start itch and scratch, sneeze or whatever it takes to try and get rid of the allergen. Along with the itching and scratching their can be gastrointestinal symptoms like upset tummys, diarrhoea and bloating and wind along with recurring or chronic ear infections. So all in all, pretty miserable for your dog. So lets take a look at my top 4 herbs ton help relieve those inflammatory symptoms of itching and scratching.

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