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This Amino Acid Can Help Your Anxious Dog

Pacing, excessive barking, shaking, yawning, drooling and certain self destructive behaviours can all come from a dog that is suffering some type of anxiety issue. While there are many ways to address this, part of helping your dog in reducing their stress can be choosing some appropriate supplements.

One I like to think of in addition using herbs is the amino acid L – theanine. In todays’ short video let’s look at how this can help dogs that suffer from anxiety, how best to use it and its safety level for dogs so stay tuned to learn more.

More and more today we are seeing dogs that are suffering from some type of anxiety and this has definitely increased since Covid. When it comes to treating an anxious dog from a naturopathic perspective we need to address the whole dog and see what areas are out of balance as well as looking at there environment, behaviours of us as pet owners and so on. SO all of this needs to be considered. But lets look more closely today at how the amino acid l theanine can help your dog.

L-Theanine is an amino acid that’s most commonly found in both green and black tea leaves and some mushrooms, and is known for its calming properties. Amino acids are the basic building blocks of proteins in your dogs body and serve as the raw materials for both neurotransmitters and hormones also. L theanine can help pets deal with environmental stressors and separation anxiety. It can also help mellow them out during events that are extra-stimulating and exciting.

Theanine works by It increasing the concentrations of GABA, an neurotransmitter which slows down your brain by blocking specific signals in your central nervous system (your brain and spinal cord). GABA is known for producing a calming effect and it is known to play a major role in controlling nerve cell excitement or hyperactivity that is associated when your dog experiences anxiety, stress and fear. Theanine increases serotonin and dopamine levels in the brain within a very short period of time.

It has been studied extensively over the last 60 years and has been found to have excellent calming properties. It comes as a powder or capsule and can be added easily into your dogs (or cats) food daily to help improve mood as well as bring those anxiety levels down as well as helping bring your dog into a restful sleep state that is restorative.

So what are some of they situations that l theanine can benefit your dog. Think about:

Theanine can help reduce separation anxiety in dogs when they’re left on their own at home

During times that are frightening for them, like thunderstorms or fireworks

When at the vet or groomer

Car or other travel

When your home routines change, theanine can help your dog to adapt to new changes

Being around unfamiliar people or dogs The loss of a loved one in the household, either human or furry friend.

By improving your dogs sleep pattern so that they go into a deep restorative sleep as well as reducing an anxiety levels your dog will feel more relaxed and happier within themselves.

L theanine is a very safe amino acid and there are really no known side effects. And unlike some supplements, theanine will not make your dog drowsy. But of course with any new supplement always start slowly and build the dosage up. The recommended dose to start with for dogs are as follows:

For dogs up to 10kg start with 100mg daily

From 10-20kg use from 200mg daily

From 20- 30kg use 300mg daily

30- 40 kg use 400mg and

Dogs over 40kg can have 500mg daily. I find it best to give this in divided doses and add into your pets food. As I said before you can find brands that are in capsule or powder form and either of these are suitable for your dog.

It is important to keep your dog on this long enough to take effect so for most dogs you will need to give for at least 30 days for best effect. After a month see how your dog is responding and then you can reassess whether you then give your dog a break or give it on a lower maintenance dose . And if you are not sure if this is suitable for your dog then feel free to reach out to me all my contact details are below. Oh and theanine works really well for us as humans too especially if your sleep pattern is poor.,

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