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This Nutrient is Vital for Your Dog's Thyroid!

Many of us know how beneficial collagen can for your our dogs joints, skin and gut health but what about your dogs thyroid? While there are a number of nutrients that the thyroid needs to maintain health, collagen is one that you may not have thought about. And today we are seeing an increase in thyroid issues in our pets so it make sense to consider this vital nutrient in both maintaining and treating thyroid issues. SO stay tuned to learn more about this amazing protein. Hi there Lyndall Pinchen, canine naturopath from canine vitality and welcome to my channel, Happy healthy dogs where its my passion to help you help your dog live a longer healthier life naturally. Thankyou so much for being here today and if you are new to my channel than don’t forget to subscribe to my channel and click on the little bell to be notified of all my upcoming videos. Your dogs thyroid is a small gland that sits in the middle of your dogs neck, that is made up of two lobes that sit either side of the trachea or windpipe. It’s main function is to assist in controlling metabolism by producing the hormone thyroxine along with some other hormones. The most common condition affecting this gland in dogs is hypothyroidism – a condition which causes a lack of the thyroid hormone thyroxine, leading to an underactive gland and slower metabolism. The effects of thyroid problems can be far reaching to your dogs health and so from my perspective, its so important to protect the health of this small gland.

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