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Naturopathic Service For Dogs

Helping Your Dog Live A Longer Healthier Life Naturally!

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Naturopathic Service For Dogs

Since 2010, Canine Vitality has been specializing in providing holistic and natural healthcare solutions for your beloved pets. Our experienced Naturopathic consultant is dedicated to promoting your pet's overall well-being and vitality through Naturopathic treatments, natural diets and chemical free options to help rebalance and rebuild your dog's health.

Maybe you are someone who loves natural medicine and regularly uses them for yourself and your family and you want to understand how to use them for your pet.

 Maybe you are concerned around the overuse of medications and chemicals and the potential negative impact of these on your dog.

Or maybe you are just tired and frustrated going back and forth to your Vet for your pets

ongoing or recurring health problem, spending time and money but not getting the results you are looking for and seemingly going round and round in circles!!!  

Whatever the reason, we're glad you stopped by!

Whether your dog has a chronic health problem or your are just looking for advice around chemical free options, diet and generally improving your dogs health and wellbeing, our Canine Naturopath can assist you.

So take a look around our site and then feel free to contact us for more information around booking a consultation, our herbal product range (including natural flea tick and worming products)  or maybe just some general advice to see how we can best help you and your dog.

At Canine Vitality we love helping your dog to live a longer healthier life naturally!!!

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