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Practitioner Herbal Formulas

For a number of years, I have offered up my herbal range of formulas in my online store. These formulas were all originally prescribed in a clinic situation for the many dogs and cats I have treated over the last 14 years. After around 10 years of prescribing these to my clients and being really happy with the results, I decided to offer them up in a more general online option. This has worked very well for me until last year (2023) I, like a number of other natural animal practitioners, was approached by the APVMA (Australian Pesticides and Veterinary Medicines Authority). Without registering my products through this regulatory body (which is highly cost prohibitive for a small business), I could no longer sell or advertise these online.

After much thought ( and frustration!!) I am now offering my practitioner herbal formulas via a member site. Although I understand this is a little annoying!!, it allows me to protect my formulas as they are not being openly advertised in this way.

To be able to access them you will need to set up a quick and free account. You will find all my formulas here but you can also contact me for specific information about each formula to see if this will suit your pet.

Also if you are after something that you can't see in my range please email me directly for custom blending.

Jump to our 'Online Store' tab to sign up for access!!!

Homemade Remedies


* Handmade quality practitioner strength formulas using organic and wildcrafted (where possible) handmade herbal fluid extract and tinctures (made by my Master Herbalist colleague and friend)

*Tried and tested formulas that are safe and effective, with simple but powerful formulas that have been used very successfully for a wide range of health conditions in dogs and cats over the last 14 years.

*Careful dosing regimes that ensure your pet is kept safe

*All formulas made right here in Brisbane and made to order.

*CRUELTY FREE,  all Vegan products

*100% natural formulas that work to bring balance back to your pet in a gentle but efficient way

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