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Adrenal Fatigue Can Lead To Autoimmune Disease- Is this your dog??

Autoimmune diseases are increasing…..yep that’s sad to say but each week, more and more dog owners seem to be reaching out to me looking for health for their dog with autoimmunity. This really concerns me and that’s why I have been focusing my videos around this topic recently. And today is no different because in this short video, I want to look at how your dogs adrenal gland and their stress response is linked to autoimmune diseases of all kinds. The goal with any autoimmune disease is to help your dog move into remission as long as possible by identifying the causes, staying away from triggers, and optimizing their immune system and ADRENAL FATIGUE can be a contributing factor to autoimmunity due to an imbalance of protective hormones, so stay tuned to learn more about how this happens and how we can help prevent it through foods and herbs.

Does your dog get stressed, anxious, hyperexcited or reactive in certain situations or all the time?? The common definition of "stress" is any experience that causes your dog to feel tension, whether physical, psychological, or emotional, especially if it sets off the fight or flight syndrome. This serves your dog well if they are about to be chased by another animal in the wild but more persistent stress in their domestic situations can be damaging to your dog and can be one of the big triggers for autoimmune disease. Your dogs adrenal glands are located just above their kidneys and they control the production and release of the hormone cortisol. During any type of stress the hypothalamus (located in the base of your dogs brain) sends a message to their pituitary gland causing it to secrete certain hormones which then signals the adrenals to produce cortisol. After a sufficient amount of cortisol is produced, cortisol act on the hypothalamus to turn off this pathway. However, if there isn’t enough cortisol being produced, the pathway is not turned off which can lead to an imbalance of not only cortisol but also, other hormones further up the chain including the thyroxine produced by the thyroid. Watch the video to learn more......

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