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Does Your Dog Have Stubborn Yeast Issues? These enzymes can help!

Has your dog been suffering from an ongoing resistant yeast problem? It may have started off small in one area of their skin and now has spread to other parts. Or it might keep recurring and you just don’t seem to be able to get on top of it. Yeast present on your dogs skin as well as in their gut can become a real problem when imbalances occur. Usually there is a connection with allergies that triggers the yeast to start to overpopulate or there could be other factors such as overall poor gut health and hormonal imbalances. Fortunately, there are some very effective natural antifungal agents that can really help and one of the best ones for resistant yeast issues are DIGESTIVE enzymes. You might remember last week I touched briefly on the benefits of these for stubborn yeast problems so today lets look more deeply into how to best use them for your dogs yeast issues so stay tuned to learn more.

Digestive enzymes have been used for many years to support gut issues in our pets. Though primarily used for their aid in digestion, we now know that there are great benefits when it comes to fighting yeast/fungal issues like candida and other causes of dysbiosis. Certain enzymes have the ability to destroy yeast and the more resistant fungal form of cells, leaving them inactive so that the body can naturally eliminate them and thus, get on top of the infection more effectively. You’ll find that within digestive enzyme formulas there are two enzymes in particular to look out for The first one is the enzyme Cellulase. The main role of cellulase enzymes is to help your dogs body digest soluble fiber, breaking it into smaller pieces that can be used for energy. But it turns out it is also able to digest the cell wall of the YEAST/fungus (the Candida. Yeast cells are made up of a substance known as chitin which is composed of cellulose which makes them really tough. In addition, they contain a sticky biofilm which basically protects them from being affected by normal antifungal drugs. The biofilm also has the ability to help the yeast cells hide from your dogs immune system where they can continue to grow without being detected…..very sneaky!!!The cellulase enzymes found in digestive enzyme supplements has the ability to break down this cell wall made of cellulose and strip away that biofilm. Not only does this render the yeast inactive but it also now allows the immune system to now recognise the cells as foreign and active a response. Watch to learn more......

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