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Immune Mediated Polyarthritis and Natural Treatments

Has your dog been diagnosed with immune mediated polyarthritis?? This autoimmune disease is very similar to rheumatoid arthritis in humans and is characterised by reluctance to walk, altered gait or lameness, multiple swollen, painful joints, altered gait or lameness and a reluctance to put weight on the joint and walk. Conventional treatment is typically based around the use of steroids such as prednisone along with possible antibiotics if the polyarthritis is a secondary to infection. But what about natural treatment options? Are there effective options available and if so, how best can they be used to help your dog? Stay tuned to learn more in todays short video. Its very distressing to see your dog in pain and in the case of polyarthritis, having multiple painful and swollen joints is even worse. To understand the best way to approach this from a natural perspective, we have to understand what is happening in your dogs body to cause this condition. Immune mediated polyarthritis or IMPA as I mentioned earlier is a disorder of the immune system which leads to inflammation of the joints. Please note that this is different to osteoarthritis which is a wear and tear arthritis commonly linked in older doggies. In IMPA the immune system wrongly starts to attack the tissues of the joints and this can happen when the immune system is tricked into diseases in other parts of the body including infections and gastrointestinal diseases. So its really important firstly to make sure you get a correct diagnosis from your vet in regards to this. While vet treatments like steroids might be needed in the acute stage of this, we know that relying on them long term can only lead to disaster when it comes to your pets health so that’s where natural alternatives can be so beneficial not only supporting the initial medications but in the longer term to help rebalance the immune and digestive systems and reduce the inflammatory response. There are 3 main things to consider when treating this condition so let’s take a look at these. Watch the video to learn more.......

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