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My Dog Has An Autoimmune Disease- can I feed raw??

This is a question that I get asked many times from both clients and customers- their dog has been diagnosed with some type of autoimmune disease and they are wanting to make some positive changes to their pets health to help with the diagnosis. So diet is often the first place to start. But when it comes to feeding raw, there can be some very conflicting information which I know can be confusing. So let’s answer that question today in this short video

One of the main factors that contributes to the development of any autoimmune disease is the health or rather the lack of health of your dogs gut. Leaky gut is a major underlying trigger for the immune system to start misfiring and attacking different body organs and tissues. So it makes sense that you as the dog owner wants to know the right foods to feed your doggie that will help heal the gut and therefore, start to reverse the autoimmune condition. And while diet is not the only answer, it certainly is the first and best place to start. So ideally, I recommend an organic raw diet for the great majority of my clients and customers- after all, this is how they would eat in the wild and the bodys have been designed perfectly to consume raw foods like raw meaty bones, muscle and organ meats, eggs, and small amounts of plant matter like veggies and fruits as the basis for the diet. A diet like this is naturally anti-inflammatory (great to help reduce the inflammation that occurs in the gut from leaky gut syndrome) along with naturally being anti yeast also (yeast infections are a common problem associated with leaky gut too). And of course a raw diet has plenty of beautiful nutrients like living enzymes, vitamins, minerals, amino acids, essential fatty acids and antioxidants- all nutrients that a dog with autoimmune disease would in need of. So it makes sense to feed a raw doesn’t it??

Watch the video to learn more.....

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