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Sensitive natured dog?? This Herb Might Help

If you’re like me and identify as an empath or highly sensitive, the upheaval of the last 2 years has had its challenges. And even now we are still facing many further upheavals with rising cost of living, wars, a housing crisis and so on. All in all this collective trauma can have the effect of creating overwhelm in ways that we have never felt before. And if you think its just us humans, think again. Of course, our pets do tend to process stress in different ways to us, but the changes that we have all been through have also had an impact on our dogs. And for those particularly sensitive natured dogs, just like us empaths, it can be more significant. So today I want to share with you this beautiful herb that can be used for any dog, but is particularly helpful for those sensitive doggies out this so stay tuned to learn more.

So firstly, do you have a dog that is highly sensitive or what we would call an empath? When you’re upset, what does your dog do? Animals often experience their human’s emotions as if they are their own emotions. Sensitive natured dogs will tend to tune into what their owner is feeling and give them space or comfort depending on the need. They also tend to help balance out the energies within their home environment. Through their own intuition they can pick up on things that we might be unaware of such as the negative energy of certain people or situations. In addition highly sensitive pets tend to be very sensitive on the physical level. They react more strongly and rapidly to chemicals and things that are not good for their body and usually require much lower doses of medications or any kind due to this sensitive constitution. Whether it be physically or mentally, the sensitivity affects all parts of your dogs body and wellbeing. It causes your dog to experience a heightened sense of their surroundings and lead to a more sensitive nervous system. Watch the video to learn more......

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