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These 2 Herbs Heal Leaky Gut

Those of you who follow me know how much I love to talk about leaky gut- something about the obsession all us naturopaths have!! There are a number of nutrients and herbs that can help in the healing of the damage that occurs with a leaky gut but today I want to show you how effective these 2 particular herbs are in healing the intestinal lining so stay tuned to learn more.

Many of you know of leaky gut syndrome and how it affects us as humans but the same applies for our dogs who are experiencing gut issues at alarmingly high rates. In recent videos I have talked about leaky gut being at the heart of autoimmune diseases so its really important that we keep your dogs gut healthy or heal it if things have become unbalanced. Firstly lets quickly revise what leaky gut it. Leaky gut syndrome is a digestive condition that affects the lining of your dogs intestines. In leaky gut syndrome, gaps in the intestinal walls develop allowing bacteria, undigested food particles and other toxins into the bloodstream. This then can trigger inflammation and changes in the gut flora and this can then lead to immune and other imbalances. Basically leaky gut underpins the majority of chronic health problems facing our dogs today so this is why it is so important to heal and rebalance the digestive system. So today, while I’m a big fan of a number of different nutrients for healing leaky gut, 2 of my favourite effective herbs I want to share with you are Greater plantain or broadleaf plantain (essentially a medicinal weed) and Marshmallow root. These 2 herbs which I use regularly to help with leaky gut are powerful healing agents so let’s first under more about Greater plantain Often seen as a pesky weed, Greater or broadleaf plantain has so many health benefits for our pets but in particular, around gut healing. As one of the biggest issues our dogs are facing, leaky gut underlies the majority of chronic health problems from skin allergies, joint issues, recurrent infections and autoimmune diseases. So its really important as I said earlier to make sure your dogs digestive system is balanced and in tip top shape. Now if you want to learn more about what leaky gut is I’ll link to those videos below. When it comes to leaky gut, conventional medicine has no real answers and in fact, certain rugs that your dog might be prescribed like steroids or antibiotics for other issues actually lead to the development of this gut damage. So really we need to turn to Mother nature when it comes to treatment.

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