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There are many medicinal herbs of course that have amazing healing properties for wounds and other inflammatory issues but the leaves of this particular herb which is a commonly found weed is an incredible wound healing remedy that has been used for centuries in almost all parts of the world and in the treatment of a number of diseases apart from wound healing. These include diseases related to the skin, respiratory organs, digestive organs, for pain relief and against infections. Externally, this herb is anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial and can stop itching and speed up healing. So what is this clever weed?

Well Plantain or plantago major is this incredible healing herb. Now please don’t confuse this with the banana like fruit with the same name as they are not related. Plantain is native to North America, Europe and parts of Asia and it is the leaf that is used medicinally. In these parts of the world where it is found it is often just growing as a weed along the roadside or in backyards.


Does your dog suffer from digestive disorders of any kind? Plantain contains a natural substance known as psyllium husks. When psyllium comes in contact with water within the digestive tract, it creates what is known as mucilage which helps soothe and reduce inflammation in the digestive tract. Plantain also works to balance out both diarrhoea and constipation as it contains this natural fibre. And along the same lines, if your dog has eaten something they shouldn’t. plantain can help the body to pass this through as it provides this protective coating on the mucosal lining which makes things slip through more easily. In this way it is a little bit like gut healing herb Slippery elm, which some of you may know about. Think of it as a lubricator, putting a healing coating on mucous membranes really anywhere in the body including the urinary and respiratory systems also. Does your dog ever suffer from urinary tract infections? the anti-inflammatory properties found within this herb have the ability proinflammatory immune cells that are known as cytokines. This can reduce the incidence of kidney and bladder inflammation and infections. Watch to learn more.......

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