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What happened to my online store??

Hi there, Lyndall Pinchen, Canine naturopath from Canine vitality and welcome to my channel Happy healthy dogs. I just wanted to post this short video today about my online store and my beautiful practitioner strength herbal formulas.

Many of you might remember my online herbal store that I had as part of my website which I started more than 5 years ago after having tested my herbal formulas with many hundreds of dogs working one on one in my clinic over the last 14 years. These formulas were very successful and I had a lot of repeat business and happy customers and clients. You might remember this website was under the name of

Sadly around 12 months ago I, like many natural animal practitioners here is Australia was contacted by the APVMA (Australian Pesticides and Veterinary Medicines Authority) and was told in no uncertain terms that unless I was prepared to register all my products through this Government body, that I could no longer advertise or make any claims about my formulas. As a small business, the cost involved in this process is hugely excessive, and not a viable option for me. So, I was pushed into a corner and forced to close the store down or risk a heavy fine or worse. I don’t like these bullying type of tactics at the best of times but, knowing I could not come up against them I pulled the store down.

It has been a long journey back from this. Initially I was in a place of frustration, grief and anger. A lot of my love, time, knowledge and care had gone into (and still goes into) the making of these by hand. But over time I set about turning this around because I knew I still wanted to provide these beautiful formulas in some way because I truly believe they can help our pets. So in the last few months I have worked to redo my website, along with social media and have now incorporated my online store now as a member access only. This means when you come to my website now under you will see a tab for my online store. If you click on this you will be asked to set up a quick and free account to access these practitioner formulas and then you can just login for future purchases and information about my range. I now have around 40 formulas with more in creation. These cover a wider range of conditions from leaky gut, joint inflammation, immune support, cushings, liver and kidney support, stress and anxiety, yeast issues along with natural flea tick and worming formulas plus much more.

So if you are curious to find out more about my herbal range, jump over to my website. You can subscribe to my mailing list to be able to get 20% off my formulas each month along with a free copy of my leaky gut ebook. And if you are looking for something you can’t find in my range please email or contact me through the website as I am able to make up a custom blend for your dog once I have more information about their issue.

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