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Why is my Dog Losing Hair???

Why is your dog losing hair??

Is it just their normal shedding or is something else going on. Typically aside from ‘normal’ shedding there are a few reasons why this might be happening. So let’s look at my 5 main reasons for hair loss.

Bacterial or fungal infections- it’s quite common for your dog to experience hair loss with either a skin bacterial or yeast infection. Remember that bacteria and yeasts normally live in harmony on your dogs skin but immune and other imbalances can sometimes cause an overgrowth of one even both. And with this can come hair loss as a common side effect

Allergies- as one of the most common dog ailments today, allergies can lead to all sorts of symptoms but particularly hair loss. This occurs not only because of the allergy itself, but often that excessive or incessant scratching and chewing can cause hair to either be pulled out or fall out. And this can occur anywhere on the body. In severe cases dogs may almost become hairless which is distressing for both the pet and the owner.

Parasites such as mange and fleas. Mange is a term used to describe a skin infection caused by mites. Mites are microscopic creatures that live on the surface of the skin or in hair follicles. They cause hair loss and itching by burrowing or chewing on skin. There are 2 types of mites- demodex and sarcoptic mites so its important to have your vet test to see which one is affecting your pet. Fleas are other obvious parasites that can cause hair loss simply by making your dog so itchy that they scratch to the point of hair loss, in a similar way to allergies,

Hormonal conditions. As your dogs largest organ, the skin and coat need a lot of nutrients and this area of the body is often the first to show signs of poor health when internal issues arise. Hormonal imbalances can cause hair loss in many dogs and this could include conditions like Cushings disease which affects the adrenal glands, hypothyroidism which leads to low levels of the hormone thyroxine along with other possible liver and kidney diseases. There might be obvious areas of hair loss or the hair may even just become very thin.

Excessive shedding – what is your dog has no obvious health issues, allergies, parasites etc but seems to be losing large amounts of hair?? Did you know that excessive shedding can be caused by stress, poor nutrition, pregnancy and lactation or another underlying medical condition. If you think your dog is shedding more than normal or if he is developing bald patches, schedule an appointment with your vet to rule out any underlying disease or other cause.

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